The USL schedule is set to be released tomorrow, Tuesday January 26th. However USL San Antonio confirmed via twitter today that the name of the team will not be included in the release.

With all the speculation on who the first team to take on San Antonio’s newest professional franchise will be, the question of what the team will be called is poised to remain a mystery to fans. The domain has been scooped up by MLS, but if that was going to be the name of the team, why the delay? Perhaps Spurs Sports and Entertainment are awaiting final branding for the logo and kits. Maybe they just want to be able to release some meaningful news in February. It could be that they’re in talks with a group to secure a name, like San Antonio United.

But being left in the dark doesn’t serve anyone. It only keeps fans who are already interested in the club anxiously waiting, while “soccer-neutrals” who don’t know or don’t care about the club probably don’t even know that the Scorpions have been replaced. Tonight, the two top teams in the NBA will face each other as the San Antonio Spurs play the Golden State Warriors. Its likely going to be the most watched game of the regular season. But SS&E dropped the ball by not being able to advertise their new team properly to the massive amount of SA residents who will be watching the city’s favorite franchise.

There are plenty of people already excited about this team, but the lack of a name and identity are only serving to make it more difficult for people who don’t care to take notice. If SS&E’s goal is MLS, which it obviously is, the team needs to be able to take root in the city and gain fans both organically and with cross-advertising during peak-NBA games. Packing Toyota Field consistently should be a goal of all supporters groups and the front office, but not having an official name to chant from the hill country to the Alamo only makes that mission more difficult.

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