As you’ll see in the coming weeks, my plan is to write a short Sunday Night Update weekly. The purpose is primarily to show what is on the agenda in coming week and to briefly recap the weekend if needed.

Tonight I’ll focus on the future, or more specifically March 25th 2016 – September 25th 2016. The USL league schedule is due out Tuesday, though the league has already announced the regular season will run for the dates I just referenced. It will be nice to see who USL San Antonio (c’mon…how do we still not have a name?) will face in their first match and if it will be at Toyota Field or on the road. I have my guess on who we’ll be facing first, which will be one of the topics touched on tomorrow.

Later this week I’ll be recording episode 2 of the Pitch Black Podcast. If you’re not already subscribed, click “Podcast” at the top of the page to see our iTunes store page. Stitcher is in the works, but takes longer to be approved. I’ll be chatting USL with a special guest as well as previewing USL SA’s schedule. If you have questions or topics you want covered, let me know @PitchBlackNews on twitter.

Looking forward to this week and the season in general. I appreciate the support shown by the USL and San Antonio communities more than you can imagine, so thank you for that and for reading this far. It only gets better from here.

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