Even though we’re still two months away from USL SA taking the pitch for the first time in Seattle, this week still brought us some great stories from the international soccer world. USMNT squeaked a win out in a friendly against (some of) Iceland’s national team, one of MLS and USMNT’s young stars is headed to EPL for at least the rest of the season, the USWNT’s roster has managed to get even younger, and the Raiders are looking to Las Vegas for a new home.

Ok, that last one wasn’t directly soccer related, but in the coming week I’ll detail just what a (very unlikely) move for the Raiders to San Antonio would mean for USL SA and future MLS aspirations, the biggest challenge USL SA has yet to face, a little bit about how the other teams in the West ownership stacks up against SS&E, and with a little luck, player signings.

The past week saw the release of episode 2 of the podcast, and I have to say I’m absolutely honored that so many of you came back to listen for a second week. The goal is to go twice a week starting this week, but a stomach bug I caught this weekend might put that off one more week. As always, twitter will be up to date on all things Pitch Black.

As always, thanks for taking the time to read and listen. As the offseason comes to a close, things are going to start moving faster and faster, so I hope you’ll stay with us for this wild ride into USL SA’s first season.

Posted by Two Ten Soccer Staff

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