With just over two months until the USL season starts, Spurs Sports and Entertainment’s newest franchise has plenty on their plate. Unlike Reno’s USL side who has a full year to come up with a club name, colors, badge, staff, and roster, “USL SA” is being pieced together in a matter of months. SA obviously has one of the nicest stadiums in the league in Toyota Field, quality coach and director in Powell and Holt, and has strongly hinted at player signing announcements in the near future.

Yet one battle they have yet to champion is that of public perception. Specifically, differentiating themselves from the previous tenants of Toyota Field, Scorpions FC.

Members of the various supporters groups in town, such as Crocketteers or SA 118, are clearly caught up with the news of a new team being formed. Its the casual attendee, someone new to soccer or just looking for somewhere to take their family for the evening, who may be lost in the shuffle of teams. A recent reddit thread in the old Scorpions subreddit had one user that confused the new USL team as the Scorpions being sold to the Spurs. One user on a small corner of the internet may not be indicative of a larger problem. But if someone who is actively looking for information on San Antonio’s professional soccer team is having trouble, one may need to ask if SS&E, the local media, and active supporters have been doing enough to spread the word of a new team and budding culture to the town’s soccer-neutrals.

USL San Antonio hinted Monday that this week will bring us player signings, a club name, and a logo / badge. This is the perfect time for the club and its supporters to show the distinction between our former club and current one. The community is strong already with the two supporters groups (who are linked above), several local sites and podcasts including this one,, and probably many others that I can’t recall right now, as well as local corporate media including television and radio stations we’ve all heard of at this point. I encourage you to share their stories and posts to your social media sites and help get the word out early so Toyota Field is a true home field advantage come April.

Posted by Two Ten Soccer Staff

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