Between 180 and 200 athletes showed up Friday morning to participate in the first day of open tryouts for San Antonio FC. Tryouts were held across three fields at Star Soccer Complex adjacent to Toyota Field, and involved squads rotating to face each other as various members of SAFC coaching and front office staff looked on. Those who were successful enough to catch the eyes of the staff today will be called back at a later date, eventually resulting in practices with the signed members of the club as a final test to see if the players are a good fit.

On the open tryout process Coach Powell told local press, “The hope when you do these tryouts is you find someone. That makes it important for the players and for the staff its one more roster spot or two more roster spots filled.”

Player nationalities ranged from Texas all the way to Mexico, Nigeria, Brazil, Argentina, France, and Cameroon. While most hopefuls were somewhere around college age there were those who were well beyond the average age of a professional soccer player, trying to show they could keep up with the twenty and thirty somethings.

While there were a few standouts, one who caught even my non-scout eye was Jermaine Malcolm. Malcolm, the husband of recently retired WNBA San Antonio Stars player Sophia Young, stood head and shoulders above many other players as he worked the midfield. At 6’4″ per Fox’s Illinois State University team page where he played that other kind of football, Malcolm could be a real threat as a speedy, tall player in the midfield.

In the coming weeks, we’ll see who gets a callback as well as who the club signs outside of the open tryout process. The six players SAFC has signed so far are a good start, but the club still has a long way to go before its roster is ready for competitive matches.

Posted by Two Ten Soccer Staff

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  1. I have a 16 year old as a future prospect from Del Rio Tx border with Mexico. How can he be seen by SAFC Staff. My contact number is 830-488-1629.


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