Much like the podcast, which recently added co-host Aaron Marvel, I never intended the site to be a one-man show. Now that we’re inching closer to the season, I’d like to start putting together a team to stop Ultron from taking over the world cover SAFC and USL news in the most accurate, balanced, and entertaining way possible. We’re looking for people to cover either the team, the league, or general soccer stories from North America. The focus will always be San Antonio, but if something is interesting enough its worth posting.

Full disclosure, I don’t make any money from Pitch Black. When it came time to upgrade the site, a few very generous donors contributed to a kickstarter to make it happen. Since there’s no money, any writing positions will be unpaid.

What a writing position can offer you is access to the newest professional sports team in San Antonio, San Antonio FC. It will offer you an opportunity to hone your skills as a writer and interviewer, or give you a really fun hobby in which you can maintain your enthusiasm for sports articles.

If this sounds like something you’re interested in, or if you just really love filling out forms, click this link to tell us about yourself and we’ll see if its a good fit.

No matter if the site is just me or a thousand writers, quality will always be priority number one. If you’re a fan of the site as-is, please know that I appreciate your time and won’t waste it by putting up substandard articles.

Looking forward to hearing from you,


Posted by Two Ten Soccer Staff

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