Storms passed through South Texas this week leaving most of the area, including STAR Soccer Complex, completely saturated with water. Luckily for San Antonio FC, Northeast Side Independent School District’s Comalander Stadium has a turf field and was available to the club for their training Thursday morning. 

SAFC typically holds practice at STAR soccer complex where several grass fields surround Toyota Field and Morgans Wonderland. The fields are also used by many area youth soccer teams, lacrosse teams, and other events that require open grass fields. While Toyota Field is one of the best stadiums in USL, the practice fields aren’t designed to be used when so much weather has passed through the area.

Head Coach Darren Powell seemed to take the unexpected challenge as a positive, noting that “These players have shown very good professionalism with this and how flexible they are.”

Expanding on the unexpected shift, Powell also added, “I tell them all the time, ‘We’ll play anybody, anywhere, anytime and in any circumstances.’ We want that and we have to have that mentality and I think if we have that mentality it will reflect well on the course of the season.”

The next chance the new franchise will have to live that motto will be Saturday afternoon at Toyota Field in a friendly against NPSL club Dallas City FC. Tomorrow we’ll have a preview of that match along with coach and player thoughts on the friendlies.

Posted by Two Ten Soccer Staff

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