San Antonio FC held an absolute clinic Sautrday against NPSL side Dallas City FC. The SAFC squad turned out a 5-0 victory that included two goals from Jason Johnson assisted by Manolo Sanchez,  1 goal from Steve McCarthy (Victor Araujo assist),  1 Manolo goal from Carlos Alvarez, and a Rafa PK goal. 

The defense was strong from beginning to end as was discussed on both the podcast and the site. The offense was good (hard to complain about a 5-0 victory) but left a few opportunities on the table. After the game Coach Powell was pleased to see his team put out a clean sheet, but acknowledged that there were individual things that needed some attention before the regular season kicks off in April. 

The strong offensive showing was hard to miss with the 5-0 final. Almost every possession ended with the ball in the penalty box, if not in the back of the net. When asked about if the offensive focus was part of his pre-season plan, Coach Powell said “We’ve got a plan in place where we go through some phases of play and today some of that was evident.” Powell added that “The big thing is they can’t forget what we’ve previously learned. If we’re going to show progression we have to remember what we’ve done the previous week and keep moving forward. Today I thought we did that.”

Some other standouts from the game were Greg Cochrane and Victor Araujo. While it’s nothing new to project Cochrane as part of the starting XI in April, his speed and handling were beyond impressive. Playing the first half at left back and around 25 minutes on the right, Cochrane regularly beat the opposition down the field and was able to get the ball to safety on defense or cross into the box on offense. 

Victor impressed in the first half as well acting as part midfielder, part forward. He was really the third head of the monster that was Manolo-JJ-Victor. With Shawn Chin out with an unknown injury, he may see time again when the club faces fellow San Antonio club Corinthians FC of the NPSL on Wednesday. 

Like all preseason friendlies, the Corinthians game will be open to media only as renovations continue at Toyota Field. Follow us on Twitter @pitchblacknews & @MLSinSA for constant updates. 

Posted by Two Ten Soccer Staff

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