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One of the most recognizable players on the field in April will be defender Stephen McCarthy. He’s tall, vocal, and a solid veteran player. While a starting XI is far from being locked, it would be pretty surprising to not see “Big Steve” playing one of the two center back positions against Seattle April 3rd and against Swope Park in the home opener April 9th.

But one thing you can’t immediately tell just play looking at him is that he is a proud native Texan. While he’s from Dallas originally, we won’t hold that against him because he shows so much passion for his home state and new city of San Antonio.

Stephen was very clear when asked what getting back to Texas means to him after playing in Finland’s top league.

Pitch Black: “After spending some time abroad, is it an easy transition getting back to a club where language isn’t a barrier?”

McCarthy: “Hell yes. Dude. Yes. The things you don’t really realize right? You go over somewhere and – especially as a defender – you can’t talk to the people around you then its tough. Its tough of course culturally changing is going to be hard so coming back, I grew up here in Dallas, so for me this is just perfect and I’m really happy. It feels right.”

Pitch Black: “Anything you want fans to know before these first couple games?”

McCarthy: “I want to put the city on my back and the state on my back and I’ve always wanted to “Clint Dempsey” it. He’s like my idol. He’s gone abroad and done such huge things for this state. The club I grew up playing with Clint Dempsey played with. So I want them to know its not just some team. This is my team, my place, my home. I love Texas. I’ll always love Texas.”

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