On a sunny and mild Thursday morning in San Antonio, SAFC’s pre-season came to a close with their last training session before taking on Seattle Sounders 2. Sunday’s match at Seattle’s Starfire Sports Complex will be the first regular season game for the new Spurs-owned club.

It will also be the first game in North America for 20 year old Irish international Bobby Moseley. Moseley joins SAFC on loan from English Premier League’s Stoke City. Though he joined the rest of the group late in the process, he seems to be fitting-in just fine. When asked about the late start, the defender / midfielder said “The lads have really made me fit in well. All the players are great to be around. Coach Powell really took me in and all looked after me.” (Coach Powell by sheer coincidence shot some gatorade down Moseley’s back immediately after saying this in a perfectly timed series of events)

After regaining himself, Moseley continued, “The team’s been flowing excellent in pre-season and I’ve fit right in and we can’t wait to get going on Sunday and start with a win hopefully.”

Despite having some fun with his players, SAFC Head Coach Darren Powell is all business when it comes to the expectations of his squad. Many players have mentioned his desire for perfection, not unlike a certain other Spurs Sports and Entertainment head coach.

On the experience of building a competitive club in such a short time, Powell remarked, “Six weeks ago we started the club and here we are, going to the Seattle Sounders. I think the guys are ready, they’re focused and they want to do well. At this point in the season that’s all we can ask.”

Both Moseley and Powell, like most other players we’ve chatted with, appreciate the support shown by San Antonio fans even before the team has played a match. Moseley felt the support at Wednesday’s Spurs game. “The community of the San Antonio Spurs is really close. We saw that at the game last night with a great reception on the court. It was a great experience for me being my first NBA game. But the community and the people here made the team really welcome into the Spurs family and we can’t wait to repay them.”

Many supporters are making the trip all the way to Seattle for the first match. On this fact, Powell said, “I think its very important. These guys know its important when they put this jersey on. They know they’re representing not only themselves; the team, their families, the fans of San Antonio. To have fans right there on opening night in terms of the first game in franchise history will be massive. I know the guys are very appreciative of people making that commitment to go out to Seattle. We will use that to hopefully inspire one another and help one another through that first game.”

S2 v SAFC will be available to stream live Sunday night for free on USL’s YouTube channel. SAFC is also hosting a watch party at Rock n’ Brews at the AT&T Center.

Posted by Two Ten Soccer Staff

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  1. I’ll be at work so it will be an internet black out till I get home crack open a beer and watch our boys


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