Two days. Just over 48 hours separate us from San Antonio FC’s second home match in club history.

In choosing an image from the home opener to celebrate the countdown, I was tempted to use a shot of defender Milton Palacios who wears the number 2 shirt. Instead I tried to think about the most significant way the number 2 represents our club.

What came to mind was the absolute blast I had hanging out with the two supporters groups before the match. The Crocketteers and Mission City Firm put on their own tailgates before each home match. While they take place right next to each other, each has its own vibe and activities.

One thing that unites these two groups is their passion for their city and their club. Seated in two sections on the north side of the stadium, these groups are the voice of SA soccer fans. With the cheesy music and “minor-league” type gimmicks removed from Toyota Field with the arrival of SAFC, the two SG’s are relied on to help fill the stadium with chants, songs, and encouragement for our boys in black.



Posted by Two Ten Soccer Staff

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