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A handful of San Antonio FC roster moves have been announced. We’ll do our best to keep track of them all here to make things easy to follow along with until the season starts. “Confirmed” signings and departures have been announced either by a club or player. “Expected” are speculations and educated guesses based on info from the 2016 season and how the roster is shaping up for 2017.

Updated: Feb 8

Updated to show that no additional 2016 SAFC players are expected to return.

Previous update from Feb 3:

Chin bolsters a deep attack. He may struggle to find a starting role with some of the additions including Forbes, Tyrpak and Ajeakwa, but make no mistake the return of the striker is a big win for the San Antonio club. He didn’t have a breakout year with SA, but the striker was showing major potential before a major injury sustained against MLS club Houston Dynamo in the US Open Cup. The leg injury was expected to be season ending, but through intense rehab and determination Chin was able to return at the end of the regular season. Time will tell how many minutes Chin earns, but SA is getting a focused, hard-working player for another season.

Ibeagha joins after being unable to find a permanent slot with Houston Dynamo. In a press release, Coach Powell said that “he will be competing for a starting spot from day one.” Current assumption is that returning Dallas native Stephen McCarthy and newcomer Cyprian Hedrick are the two to beat for a starting center back job, but as we saw last season Coach Powell will start the players who earn the roles, no matter their experience or standing.

On the other side of the coin, player kit numbers were released today with several notable players from last year having their number given away. As reported previously, Biko Bradnock-Brennan seemed displeased with SAFC on social media. His number 14 kit now belongs to AJ Ajeakwa. Hedrick will take over the number 4 kit from Sam McBride, Araujo takes Danny Garcia’s 11, Pecka takes Thuriere’s number 6, McFarlane will wear Morgan’s 12, and Tyrpak takes Gunderson’s 19. Another notable is that Cesar Elizondo moves from 5 to 10, the number previously worn by Carlos Alvarez.

Roster turnover is common, but the release of these jersey numbers works to indicate that we won’t be seeing many more 2016 SAFC players coming back.

The number 9 is oddly available, worn previously by Manolo Sanchez who is not expected to return to SA. Could we be seeing another striker incoming?



Confirmed Signings:

Rafa Castillo  11/1/16 M

Cesar Elizondo 11/3/16 F

Miguel Salazar 11/11/16 M

Victor Araujo 11/11/16 M

Matt Cardone 11/15/16 G

Franck Tayou 11/17/16 F

Michael Reed 11/22/16 M

Cyprian Hedrick 11/29/16 D (OKC Energy)

Stephen McCarthy 12/2/16 D

Kris Tyrpak 12/6/16 M (Swope Park Rangers)

Akwafei Ajeakwa 12/13/16 F (OC Blues)

Ben Newnam 12/23/16 D (Louisville City)

Greg Cochrane 01/02/17 D

Billy Forbes 01/10/17 M (Rayo OKC)

Pecka 01/18/17 M (Rayo OKC)

Lee Johnston 01/25/17 G

Ryan Roushandel 01/25/17 D

Kevyn McFarlane 01/25/17 D (Rochester Rhinos)

Devin Vega 01/26/17 M (FC Dallas academy)

Shawn Chin 02/02/17 F

Sebastien Ibeagha 02/03/17 D (Houston Dynamo, 2017 loans to RGV & Rayo OKC)
OC 1-2437

Confirmed Departures:

Sebastien Thuriere M – Sheik Russel KC (Bangladesh)

Jason Johnson M – Phoenix Rising FC (Formerly Arizona United)

Josh Ford G – Retirement

Fejiro Okiomah D/M/F – Retirement

Austin Dunker D –  Logan Lightning (Australia)

OC 2-2520

Expected To Return:

At this time, no additional 2016 SAFC players are expected to return.


SAFC Game 2-1-8

Expected To Depart:

Manolo Sanchez F

Carlos Alvarez M

Biko Bradnock-Brennan D

At this time, no additional 2016 SAFC players are expected to return.



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  1. […] Out of that dumpster fire Forbes returns to San Antonio to join Spurs Sports and Entertainment’s USL soccer club, San Antonio FC, in its second season. Forbes is the latest in a series of player announcements that are keeping fans on their toes. Several key players from SAFC’s 2016 campaign have returned, including fellow former Scorpions players Rafa Castillo, Cesar Elizondo, and Matt Cardone. Fellow new-comers include some of USL’s most talented, forward Kris Tyrpak, center back Cyprian Hedrick, and full back Ben Newnam among others. A full list of player announcements can be found on our roster tracker post. […]


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