Featured image: Steve Aibel, LittleOrcaSports.com

San Antonio FC has signed midfielder Mark O’Ojong the club announced on Friday via press release. The club’s newest signing played for Seattle Sounders 2 in the 2016 USL season, racking up 1,768 minutes including 20 starts in 28 appearances. O’Ojong was also part of USL’s 20 Under 20 list, highlighting some of USL’s top young talent with the help of TopDrawerSoccer.com. 

Our friends at Sounder at Heart got plenty of time to evaluate what O’Ojong meant to S2 in 2016, and it was overwhelmingly positive. In one of the final S2 2016 pieces, writer Scott Burbidge broke down many of S2’s 2016 players including both their contributions and potential. His analysis of O’Ojong is extremely helpful for any San Antonio FC fans trying to get a feel for the newest central midfielder. 

The first thing that stood out to me was Burbidge’s description of O’Ojong’s defensive technique. Burbidge writes, “He relies on positioning, anticipation and timing defensively, choosing to stalk from a distance rather than harry the opponent.” This seems like a perfect fit for San Antonio FC’s counter attacking playstyle. We’ve seen many times in 2017 that SAFC will allow opponents space on one side of the field while forcing the attacking player into another position, hoping the opponent tries for the long pass. A patient, reactive player like O’Ojong could work wonders in the system Coach Darren Powell has successfully deployed in 2017. 

Another standout section of Burbidge’s piece is his opinion of O’Ojong’s potential: “MLS All-Star or better.” 

We’ll have wait until at least Saturday night to see if O’Ojong can continue his success at his new club, but all signs point towards this being a great fit for the club and the player. 

You can find Burbidge’s full article, including the rest of his thoughts on O’Ojong, by clicking this link

Posted by Kyle Mahnke

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