San Antonio will lead not follow

While some people might say its too early to call this team a contender only 7 games into the season, San Antonio looks at the very least quite hard to breakdown and at the very best a team that has terrorized its opponents on the break. Lead by the speed of Forbes, the ingenuity of Elizondo, Reed’s and Castillo’s experience and the youth in Devin Vega, SAFC will no longer surprise teams going forward.

There are plenty of games left, but if San Antonio keeps rotating and stays relatively injury free, we won’t see them dropping many points going forward.

The Transfers

There are two things SAFC focused on this year,  youth and depth. We are early in the season, but you are already familiar with the names Pecka, Maxi, Vega, Herivaux, Ibeagha, Newnam, Forbes and Tyrpak. Seven of them have played key roles in SAFC’s unbeaten run. When you look at other soccer teams worldwide you will notice new transfers take time to adjust, but San Antonio’s new guys have not missed a beat and have brought in a lot of hunger and a lot of heart to the team.

These new transfers have allowed a focus on a more cohesive defensive solidity, a stable and assured midfield and a rampaging offensive coming alive under the shrewd leadership of Coach Powell, who just continues to impress with how well he is managing the team in his second season.

We are MLS ready

San Antonio is a soccer city. It can not be argued anymore. This city just loves soccer. From amazing tailgates to heated Twitter debates, San Antonio FC has provided us with reasons to keep falling in love with the beautiful game in our ever-expanding Texas town. San Antonio is MLS ready. We have a committed staff, the backing of an amazing organization in Spurs Sports and Entertainment, an exciting team, and wonderful, passionate fans.

Come out and continue to support the team. It truly is a wonderful experience and this year truly feels special. I’ll see you this Saturday when SAFC faces Sacramento Republic at 7:30pm CST.

Posted by JM Jimenez

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