The name “Pitch Black News” came about as a poor reference to what I expected SAFC’s primary color to be back before the team even announced a name. While the intention was to cover San Antonio’s brand new USL team, PBN grew to cover Athenians, USL, MLS, US Soccer, and had planned to cover Austin’s USL club leading into 2019.

Because of the broadening of coverage, and the confusion sometimes caused by our name, it’s time for a rebrand. is already set up to lead to our website. I was planning on pulling the trigger on the rebrand in the offseason as to avoid confusion, but given the events of the last few weeks I think it’s appropriate to show the focus of this site is primarily San Antonio.

I don’t expect the content of this site to change from what we have covered, but we do have big plans on how to expand our staff and push more content next season. If you’re interested in being part of that, feel free to reach out at any point.

The name of the podcast will change in the coming weeks. For now, it will remain Pitch Black the Podcast.

On a personal note, I have enjoyed covering SAFC for the last two years. I don’t plan on ending that ever. However I may cover Austin’s USL or MLS team. I hope you understand that it doesn’t diminish my enjoyment and dedication to covering SAFC. Coverage of Austin’s team(s) will most likely live on another site as many of you seem to view the Austin market negatively. I hear you. I think I get it and am not trying to change any minds. But I enjoy covering soccer and if I can do that for multiple professional teams, I’m going to make that happen.

If you have comments or questions on the rebrand, the future of the site and podcast, or just want to tell me to piss off, please reach out on twitter or email. Our twitter handle will remain @PitchBlackNews for a short time before switching to something more in line with the new branding. My twitter handle is @Kyle_Mahnke and is the most direct way to tell me I suck.

Thanks for all the support thus far. I’m thankful for the past, and excited for the present and future.



Posted by Kyle Mahnke

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  1. Cool and best wishes for continued growth.


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