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updated January 12 2018, 02:08 AM

Here we go again, another silly season roster projection list. This year, we’re breaking things up by Announced 2018 Roster, Officially Not Returning, Expected to Return, Expected to Depart, and Unknown. We’ll do our best to keep things updated throughout the preseason. The projections in this article are established through a variety of things, including sheer guesswork, so keep in mind things may change.

Announced 2018 Roster


Diego Restrepo (11/27)

Matt Cardone (12/7)


Greg Cochrane (12/2)

Cyprian Hedrick (12/14)

Stephen McCarthy (12/21)

Ryan Roushandel (12/22)


Maxi Rodriguez (12/19)

Connor Presley (12/19)

Rafa Castillo (01/02)

Pecka (01/04)

Jose Escalante (01/10) – Loan from Olimpia (Honduras), previously on loan with Houston Dynamo


Cesar Elizondo (11/30)

Ever Guzman (12/5)

Mike Seth (12/22)

Alex Bruce (01/10) – Previously Texans SC (Houston), SAFC training squad

Officially Not Returning

Billy Forbes (Phoenix Rising FC)

Devin Vega (Phoenix Rising FC)

Michael Reed (Nashville SC)

Expected to Return

Omar Gordon

– A loan player in 2017, Gordon is expected to return due to a social media post indicating he was looking forward to 2018 with SAFC
Mark O’Ojong
– After initially struggling to find a spot in the squad, the former Seattle Sounders prospect flourished at right back. His speed and handling helped to cover his relative lack of tactical knowledge of the position. With right back the one spot on the back line still up for grabs, we could see him return

Expected to Depart

Ben Newnam

– A solid part of the SAFC defense for most of the season, Newnam’s starting role was diminished after a questionable play against Jose Escalante saw him sent off and suspended.

Victor Araujo

– After a stellar start to his rookie 2016 season was cut short due to season ending injury, Araujo’s 2017 was mediocre. If the striker can get back to form he has the potential to be a long-term fixture of the club, but without many standout moments in 2017 he may have to find another club with which to prove himself.


Lee Johnston

– With Cardone and Restrepo both returning, Johnston may need to seek another club if he wants a better chance at playing time

Sebastien Ibeagha

– The 2017 Defender of the Year very likely has MLS offers, but if he chooses consistent play time over top-tier teams he’ll likely be back in SA

Kris Tyrpak

– The winger is well known around the league and is going to be in demand. He’s the closest to being put in the “expected to depart” category because of his relative high-profile

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