Image: San Antonio FC

San Antonio FC released the club’s 2018 primary kit in an event at Cowboys Dancehall Tuesday night. After spending their first two seasons sporting a template used by many teams, including sharing identical colors with The University of Texas Longhorns Women’s soccer team, the new kit is one customized for the Alamo City club.

The shirt is predictably black, but features red vertical stripes and dark grey sleeves with all colors taken from the club’s crest.

The fan reaction to the new kit seems to be overwhelmingly positive:

One of the only criticisms on the new kit is the large Toyota logo, which is an issue for every team the auto manufacturer sponsors. Our own Jose Mario Jimenez sounded off on the issue on twitter while others made their comments on facebook.

The new kit replaces the 2016 primary, while the 2017 secondary (white) kit is expected to remain in use for at least one more season.

So what do you think about the new kit? Let us know here or on twitter @TwoTenSoccer 

Posted by Kyle Mahnke

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