Well this is a little odd, but I’m going to hijack Two Ten Soccer for a moment to talk about the podcast I help make, Texas Soccer Radio. I’m excited to share that we’re joining Beautiful Game Network, effective immediately!

You may have heard of Beautiful Game Network from one of the many soccer podcasts already available through BGN, including The USL Show, STL Soccer Report, Play The Kids, Down in the Valley, and many many more.

On our end, joining BGN means joining a community of similar shows, with similar strengths and space for improvements. We hope we can all accomplish more together than we could as individuals. The network also helps shoulder some of the cost of creating the podcast and periscope stream, allowing us to focus on funding more fun, listener-focused projects and giveaways.

As a listener, nothing should change about how you receive the show. Our Periscope stream will continue to go live at 9pm central. Our Apple Podcasts and Stitcher feeds should continue to work as normal, though you may need to re-subscribe if you use Google Play to listen. And of course TexasSoccerRadio.com will continue to host a player.

So here we go, a new chapter in the Texas Soccer Radio / Pitch Black the Podcast history. We’re really excited to be part of the BGN family and looking forward to the future together!

Posted by Kyle Mahnke

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