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Beckham’s Miami MLS Bid Deep Into Stoppage Time

David Beckham’s saga of bringing MLS to Miami may finally be coming to a close, potentially raising San Antonio FC’s chances of bringing MLS to San Antonio. As reported by Joe Lago of Yahoo Sports […]

Bienvenido Zachary Herivaux! Jugador en préstamo del New England Revolution

Información via el sitio web de New England Revolution Biografía Nació el 1 de febrero de 1996, tiene 21 años Mediocampista – en préstamo de los New England Revolution Nativo de Brookline, Massachusetts, con triple […]

Zachary Herivaux Joins San Antonio FC on Loan from New England Revolution

New England Revolution midfielder Zachary Herivaux joins San Antonio FC on loan, the Texas club announced Friday. The terms of the loan were not made public.  Herivaux is available for selection immediately, including the club’s […]

SAFC Among Frontrunners After Dramatic MLS Expansion Bid Deadline Day

Image: Steve Aibel, / Pitch Black News Since the January 31st deadline for MLS expansion applications was announced, fans across the country have anxiously awaited to see if their city would officially apply to […]

Detroit, Las Vegas, and the Futility of Trying to Predict MLS Expansion

The past few weeks have been surprisingly busy in the world of MLS expansion. MLS commissioner Don Garber announced that Sacramento and St. Louis were top priorities while Detroit, San Deigo, San Antonio, and Austin […]

Horrible Idea of the Week: AAA Baseball to San Antonio

If I can talk about something besides soccer for just a moment, I’ll tie it back into the beautiful game eventually. The San Antonio Express-News posted a troubling article to its website Wednesday. Somehow, a […]

The Case For MLS Expansion Past 28 Teams

As promised, after a night’s rest to think about it here is my follow up to yesterday’s article. While I documented the reasons why MLS may hold off expansion past 28, its hard to ignore […]

The Case Against MLS Expansion Past 28 Teams

One of the first rules you learn in argumentative writing is to not argue both sides of an issue, but when it comes to MLS expansion and the case for more than 28 teams I […]

A Neutral’s Guide to the Irony Behind MLS Forcing Minnesota to Rebrand

  Wednesday, Brian Straus of Sports Illustrated published a story about MLS expansion that has now been widely circulated around fans of the league. Among other things, Straus writes about MLS expansion into St. Louis, […]

What Would an NFL Team Mean For MLS in San Antonio?

Photo Credit: Express-News Even the most hardcore soccer fans in the U.S. can admit that the NFL is king in the north America. No other professional league comes close in revenue, television ratings, or office cooler […]